Data Process Outsourcing

Content Moderation

Our team of expert content moderators filters through thousands of content on a daily basis for our various clients. Our scalable real-time operations provide the human edge at AI prices. The types of content moderation services we provide are:

  • Image Moderation
  • Video Moderation
  • Audio Moderation
  • Fraud Detection

Data Annotation

Our highly skilled annotators use advanced tools to provide the best in class precise annotation service for diverse datasets. This makes us a perfect fit for machine learning and artificial intelligence companies seeking to outsource their annotation needs. The various annotation services are:

  • Bounding Boxes
  • Polygons
  • Line Annotation
  • Segmentation
  • Point
  • Audio Annotation

Data Extraction

Our analysts are capable of extracting data from diverse sources and providing them in a standardised format that is acceptable for storage in our Clients’ data repositories and/or for further processing. This is a valuable service for companies requiring quick retrieval of vast amounts of data from disparate sources or even a single source, and thereafter for further processing. The various types of data sources that we work with are:

  • Digital Sources (PDF, Audio, Video, Websites, Spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Physical Sources (Books, Newspapers, Business cards, Invoices, etc.)

Bespoke Data Solutions

Are you spending too much time on data handling in your projects? Do you have custom data requirements that require adept handling? Is the quality of the data very crucial for your business? Give us a call. Our analysts are quick to understand your requirements and highly trained to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Business Process Outsourcing

Market Research

Our Market Research team performs intensive market research and delivers reports that provide the edge that is required to become a market leader. We source our data from a gamut of data sources, including official government sources, trade publications, competitor’s data, and media sources, etc, and analyse them in a careful, thorough, and well-planned manner to achieve the best results. Our market research services include the following offerings:

  • Business Ecosystem Mapping
  • State of Industry Reports
  • Regulatory Framework and Compliances Research
  • Custom Reports

Performance Marketing

Our highly adaptable performance marketing strategy delivers measurable organic growth to your brand recognition and visibility. We employ tailor-made strategies for different requirements, be it lead generation, brand visibility, product or service purchases, and even application downloads. The benefits of our performance marketing services are:

  • Experience real-time ROI measurements
  • Optimise KPIs
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Organic growth

Business Advisory

Our Business Advisory team is highly trained to analyze and identify issues hindering the progress of a company and then guide the entrepreneur in developing new plans for improvement of the business. This is more crucial for early-stage startups and first-time entrepreneurs seeking to leverage professional help in optimising their cost-effectiveness.

Virtual Assistant

Our Virtual Assistant staffing solution provides highly skilled and efficient personnel who specialise in offering administrative, clerical, and support services to clients from a remote location. We offer both dedicated virtual assistants as well as pooled virtual assistants on a subscription model for every budget needs.

Legal Solutions

Our team of highly skilled proficient legal professionals from India, a common law country, provide quality solutions for your legal outsourcing requirements. The various services we offer under Legal Process Outsourcing are:

  • Contract Management
  • Document Review
  • eDiscovery
  • Legal Transcription
  • Legal Writing
  • Due Diligence
  • Trademark search report
  • Judgment Headnote Services
  • Legal Secretarial Service