Content Moderation

Our team of expert content moderators filters through thousands of content on a daily basis for our various clients. Our scalable real-time operations provide the human edge at AI prices. The types of content moderation services we provide are:

Images have the maximum visual impact among the multitude of content formats and our team of dedicated and skilled moderators is capable of providing 24 / 7 / 365 support for every single image that your user generates to maintain high-quality content. We ensure that we achieve an accuracy above 99% in a very short turn-around time. Our moderators can screen for NSFW content, content that is in violation of local laws, content that is graphic and disturbing, and any other customised moderation criteria. All these come at highly competitive prices. Our experienced image review teams make us the industry best among the top content review and moderation companies.

Are you looking for a customized solutions or an overall video moderation solutions? Our video moderation team can provide any kind of video moderation services based on your requirements. We have flawless records of accuracy and quick turn-around time. We top it up with an additional layer of quality control to ensure that all the videos that your users find on your site comply with your policies.

Our audio moderation solutions help you identify and control disruptive. Every platform that allows its users to upload audio content has to stay on top of the content uploaded to ensure a superior user experience. To effectively moderate, we use the best combination of human intervention and technological automation to ensure that all audio content made available to users is appropriate, relevant, and platform-friendly.

Brand Protection Services

The most difficult challenge that the corporate sector faces today is fraud risk management. Zerosec is a digital age saviour, providing businesses with seamless fraud detection services that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the business. Keeping the customer experience in mind, our fraud detection team enables the customer to identify potentially fraudulent activities and catch more internal & external frauds faster. Join hands with us for faster fraud detection services to enhance your business growth.


Brand Protection ensures to protect Intellectual Property Rights from Counterfeiting; Rouge Websites; Copyright Piracy; Trademark. Squatting; Cyber Squatting; Patent Theft; Social Media Impersonation owned by luxury brands. Also, it helps in

  • Shut down fake sellers
  • Scale campaigns
  • No more fear of losing brand reputation or revenue
  • Enhance customer relations

What do we provide?

  • We provide Brand Protection on the major aspects such as Detection; Validation; Reporting and Enforcement across e-commerce and social media platforms.
  • We provide support to the tech teams with Keyword Monitoring, Image Recognition, Machine Learning and Smart User Experience in anti-counterfeiting for any operational platform development.

Data Annotation

Our highly skilled annotators use advanced tools to provide the best in class precise annotation service for diverse datasets. This makes us a perfect fit for machine learning and artificial intelligence companies seeking to outsource their annotation needs. The various annotation services are:

Bounding boxes are rectangular boxes used to define the location of target objects, such as humans, cars, or any other requirement for your particular dataset. Bounding boxes are the most commonly used type of annotation in computer vision. Our highly-skilled annotators are adept at outlining precisely the target objects using bounding boxes for in-depth recognition, we make sure that the projects across all domains are implemented efficiently. We leverage the strategic amalgamation of human expertise and AI/ML capabilities to strike a perfect balance between the project’s requirements and business objective.

Polygon annotation is very often used in object detection and recognition of models due to its flexibility and pixel-perfect labelling capability. Objects are not always rectangular in shape, and therefore polygonal segmentation will help you to annotate irregular or coarse objects that are in asymmetrical shapes. It is widely used in large images like aerial photography for more precise annotation. Our highly-skilled annotators annotate your images with precise bounding polygons to build sharper and correct vision models.

Line annotations are one of the most frequently used annotation types, and they are ideal for drawing attention to important areas of your document or images. It is commonly used in autonomous vehicles for lane detection and recognition. Our Line Annotation service aligns with a streamlined approach including marking of every image using a focused image data in order to evaluate the dimensions.

Our highly-skilled annotators are the perfect fit for your datasets requiring line annotations. We apply accurate technology and tools within an explicit algorithm in order to acquire required results through extensive accuracy.

Semantic segmentation is a pixel-wise annotation used where the environmental context is essential for your dataset. In this annotation method, every pixel in the image is assigned to a class, and these classes could be pedestrian, car, bus, road, sidewalk, etc., and each pixel carries semantic meaning.The objects are segmented individually and classified as per the class labels. Since it's done at the pixel level the time consumption is more but at the same time it gives deep predictions. The deep learning model is widely used for autonomous vehicle, object classification etc...

We also offer point annotations that are primarily used to detect small objects and shape variations by creating dots across the image. By accurately plotting a sequence of points, our experienced annotators ensure high-accuracy annotation results to train machines to recognise smaller objects and its attributes.

Point Annotation is used to label a single pixel in the image to portray an object's shape. This type of annotation is useful for detecting facial features, facial expressions, emotions, gestures, human body parts, and poses.

Data Extraction

Our analysts are capable of extracting data from diverse sources and providing them in a standardised format that is acceptable for storage in our Clients’ data repositories and/or for further processing. This is a valuable service for companies requiring quick retrieval of vast amounts of data from disparate sources or even a single source, and thereafter for further processing. The various types of data sources that we work with are:

  • Digital Sources (PDF, Audio, Video, Websites, Spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Physical Sources (Books, Newspapers, Business cards, Invoices, etc.)

Bespoke Data Process Outsourcing

Are you spending too much time on data handling in your projects? Do you have custom data requirements that require adept handling? Is the quality of the data very crucial for your business? Give us a call. Our analysts are quick to understand your requirements and highly trained to deliver results that exceed your expectations.


Market Research

Are you trying to gain a better perspective and understanding of your market and ensure that your firm stays ahead of the competition? Then, we are here for you. Our market research team conducts in-depth market research and produces reports that give you the competitive edge you need to become a market leader. We gather the data from a variety of sources including, but not limited to, official government sources, trade journals, competitive data, industry reports and media sources. We turn the data into actionable insights for decision making.

Our broad spectrum of research services also covers both primary and secondary research in order to provide scouting and landscaping reports based on customers’ specifications.

  • Business Ecosystem Mapping
  • Detailed profiling of the competitors
  • Market Insights
  • Key statistics/highlights
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Custom Reports

Digital Marketing

Our highly adaptable Digital Marketing strategy increases brand recognition and visibility in a measurable way. We use tailored strategies for various needs, such as lead generation, brand visibility, product or service purchases, and even application downloads.

The benefits of our Digital Marketing services are:

  • Experience real-time ROI measurements
  • Optimise KPIs
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Organic growth

Business Advisory

If you are an early-stage entrepreneur seeking professional assistance, then we are here to assist you with cost-effective business solutions. We have a well-trained Business Advisory team that analyses and identifies issues that are impeding your company's progress and guides you in developing new plans for business improvement.

Virtual Assistant

Our Virtual Assistant staffing solution has highly skilled and efficient personnel who specialize in offering administrative, clerical, and support services to clients from a remote location. We offer both dedicated virtual assistants as well as pooled virtual assistants on a subscription-based pricing model for every budget needs.