Zerosec Solutions

Zerosec Solutions is a social enterprise delivering bespoke digital solutions for your business needs.

We provide Data Solutions such as Content Moderation, Data Annotation & Brand Protection Services such as Fraud Detection. Also provide, Business Solutions such as Market Research, Digital Marketing & Legal Solutions such as Contract Management & Due Diligence.

As a social enterprise, we always strive for local community development. We truly believe that placing the growth of our Clients and our talents at the forefront, will surely ensure our success.


Quality With Accuracy

Get the best-in-class quality services with the highest accuracy level.

Security with privacy

We enforce strict data access protocols to safeguard your data and enforce non-disclosure agreements with our resources.

Fully scalable services

Working with hundreds of workforce to annotate pictures as per the demand providing a completely scalable solution with turnaround time to meet the different Clients' needs.

24/7 support at low-cost

Join us for hassle-free work as our quality-oriented team delivers the best in industry solutions at competitive prices.

Our Services

Data Solution

Business Solution

Legal Solution


138  Million

Image Moderation

1.283 Million

Fraud Detection

0.295  Million

Image Labelling

0.435 Million

Data Labelling

0.857 Million

Video Moderation

0.269 Million

Audio Moderation

0.011+  Million

Data Extraction